She kept walking about the room.

She was no longer dependent on her parents.

So, it isn't hot at all.

Marco and Dominic aren't talking to each other anymore.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

You should know better at your age.

Mara has as many servants as he needs.

They had us surrounded.

Marci grabbed a sugar cookie from the dish on the kitchen table.

We can't attend.

His heart beat rapidly.

This is how it happened.


Hotta still has the book I lent him.


I know where Dori is hiding.


We hoped we'd succeed today.

Even though Vilhelm and Alberto are twins, they don't look very much alike.

I am not the one who put paste on your book.

She married him for the sake of his family name.

Certainly, these things are true.

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I am having a shower.

You have a big family, right?

Summer days can be very, very hot.


Mikey doesn't watch TV.

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We looked for them.

How about something to drink?

When will we reach a higher language level?

She could always call her parents when she was in a crunch.

I lent my coat to a friend of my brother.

I wish Ira were here with us now.

I'll tell her myself.

I'm glad to hear you're happy in Boston.

This is no trivial accomplishment.

Dan wants to be a dictator.

Look, it's the North Star.

I saw you with her last Monday.

You were fabulous Saturday night!

I know I'm alone on this.

I am reading this sentence.

These two brothers resemble each other.

He will call on me tomorrow.

I was hardly surprised.

They will need credit for their mobile phones.

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Everything was solved at the last moment.

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It was not one of my proudest moments.

Nigel worked all night long.

Many drivers abandoned their cars in the snow.

The value of the coins depended on the weight of the metal used.

The clocks have always been too fast for as long as I can remember.

I thought they found him.

There are numerous hypotheses that may explain this phenomenon.

Shari must be somewhere around here.

Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.

Plastic told me it was too hard for him to do.

Every member of the cabinet was present.


I guess that's final.

The best is yet to come.

Do whatever you think is best.

Kiddo! Two medium-size drafts here.

It looks like Spy doesn't have any chance of winning.

Open a book and it will open your soul.

Keep Lar away from Kyle.

I lost something very important to me.

Rafik is interested in basketball.

Andre knows me.

The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.

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I heard you might be moving to Boston.

He complimented me.

I used to smoke a lot, but I have given up smoking now.

That's thieves' cant.

Does he have his own house in Japan?

I just finished the work.

Clayton uses a wheelchair.

Since I was thirsty, I drank water.

I've been trying to talk to you alone, but you always seem to be with other people.

They both laughed.

The sightseeing bus ran through a long tunnel.

Recollect my mother holding me tight.

I need to see Noam now.

Terrance called a taxi for Mickey.

Vincent van Gogh killed himself in 1890.

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The lonely girl eats a soggy sandwich.

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Brendan told us this morning that he and Charleen were moving to Boston.

Don't let it happen again.

Terri ran for mayor.

We have a lot of confidence in Ning.

May I ask which you prefer?

There are people who don't like to go to bed early.

We'll give you a ride.

Courtney isn't my boyfriend anymore.

I'm dying for frozen yogurt.

Who canceled?

A car with a lone driver passed by.

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She was weary with age.

I thought I was being nice.

Give him back the ball!

I wonder why we haven't run into each other before.

I said thanks.

I'm under suspicion, too.

I am the tallest of all the boys.

Where is Algeria situated?

You don't know all the facts.

That's why people love you.

I just don't know how I will be able to meet all my deadlines!


Amarth doesn't believe that.


I couldn't understand anything Marci said.

Did you hear someone ring the doorbell?

He was operated on by the doctor.

Japan is a country that is completely surrounded by oceans.

I won't get caught.

It rained three times during the trip.

Sid and the other women left thirty minutes ago.

He came home late last night.

The patients participating in the drug trial don't know if they're receiving the drug or the placebo.

They tried to hide their xenophobia.

To do him justice, he is not stupid.

They're interrogating Terrance.

Ahmet came second.

Values can't be changed overnight.

She's enjoying herself.


Was that not clear?

She carried that habit to her grave.

You've definitely gotten better at French.

We live in the country during the summer.

I just do what I can do.

I love my daughter.

Let's go back to the motel.


I have to go back to the office.

You'd be amazed how much time Eric spends playing games.

Aren't you embarrassed?

We have a lot of things we need to buy.

I will get even with you some day.

I'm going to have to call the police.

Every little bit helps.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who in the land is fairest of all?" And then the mirror would always reply: "You, my queen, are fairest of all."

That job gave him little gratification.

But it's very strong actually.

In February the government's budget came in.

He approached the boy reading a book.

I'm interested in buying it.

The stomach and the large and small intestines form the digestive system.

Catherine and Chris have very eventful lives.

We got it thanks to her.

She almost never does what she says she's going to do.

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There is no hope of his getting well soon.

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We have to get you to the hospital.

I still think about Celia from time to time.

I think I can run as fast as Syun.

I was unaware of the problem.

At which time do you have the next lesson?


I was always told to study when I was a child.

I could not understand anything he said.

I am now learning Esperanto.

Who does not admire Linder?

Excuse me for a moment.

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One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.


I never heard back from him.


Let's go make fun of her.

I agree with what Susan wrote.

Who's your favorite Charlie's Angel?


Death is the great leveler.

I've only studied French for three months.

Fay just didn't like it.

Are you going to the open day?

Susanne insisted I put on this bulletproof vest.

They carried on the summit conference till late.

So far everything is all right.


We close at 7 p.m.

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He lives near the beach.

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It is too long ago.

Please take care not to break this vase.

Can you think of anyone who might be able to help?

Do however you like.

The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious.